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Aquaculture Water Treatment


Maple orgtech ltd is engaged in offering a wide range of products for various aquaculture water treatment solutions. We manufacture these products for treating various water bodies like ponds, lakes etc, this helps in controlling various diseases in fishes and many more water creatures.

These aquaculture water treatment products offered by us have good microbial formula and helps in keeping the water clean and pollutant free. Maple EM 1 aquamagic is one such products offered by us, this product is manufactured based on EM technology and is processed under strict quality controls.

Aquaculture water treatment solutions highly help in reducing the capital out lay and also increase the yield. Aquamagic offered by us eliminates ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulphide which are common in fish and prawn cultivation. The product also helps in reduces the amount of sludge produced and increases the feed conversion ratio.

The aquaculture water treatment solutions facilitate a healthier growth of fishes and prawns with less prone to diseases. As this treatment keeps the water clean the need for changing or cleaning the water is greatly reduced. Customers can avail our Maple EM 1 aquamagic in cost effective prices that can highly help in maintaining the water in better condition and water creatures less prone to diseases.

Aquaculture Water Treatment, Aquaculture Water Treatment Products
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