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Dr. Higa's philosophy

Dr. Higa estimates that enough food production for 10 billion people is possible with the use of EM technology™ on world wide basis.  Actually, there are numorous reported examples of abandant harvests and unprecedented multiple crops for a wide range of products with the use of EM™.
He insisted  from the start that even greening deserts was possible with application of EM™ His theory is now validated by successful cases of desert-greening in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

One of the most fundamental beliefs in his philosophy is 'creating a society based on co-existance and co-prosperity'.  An excessive reliance on a competitive principle resulted in an outbreak of serious global problems such as air pollution and food shortages.Dr. Higa insists that we change the present social structure based on a competitive principle along the line of co-existance and co-prosperity to solve the said problems.

Application of EM™ in agriculture contributes to environmental protection, a good supply of safe and high quality foods at low cost, eduction of natural resource consumption by solving environmental pollution with the effective use of EM™ by means of large-scale recycling system and, furthermore, the maintenance of health.Dr. Higa believes that this positive link plays a key role to tackle hard problems regarding food supply, environmental preservation, medical care and energy supply for the establishment of world peace.

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