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Prashant Chaudhary Pune
Being a part of Team Maple, I feel proud to be working for upliftment of farmers. Maple provides me continuous learning opportunities, both personal and professional. The freedom of work provided here assures me experience of managing an independent business. Highly motivated team and endurance of whole team to stand firm against all odds, always inspires me in life.
Surendran M. Rajan Kolkata
“Maple as a part of MM Group, combines the very unique experience of working in a Big multinational company with well established procedures and protocols with a growing firm where each employee feels himself/herself as significant and integral part of the organization.”
Kushanava Majumder Delhi
Maple has world class unique product, continuously provides excellent training to Officers/ engineers/managers both on technology and management and has a great degree of will to become a world class company. These three aspects has empowered us with the confidence to compete and succeed in the World Organic Market.
Subhajit Mukherjee North Bengal.
Maple Orgtech India Ltd is a leading company in providing organic technology input and service in the field of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Poultry, Fisheries, SWM, and WWM through the EM Technology. Growth & future prospect is very high here with healthy working environment. We all feel that it is our “Moral Social Responsibility” to save the Nature from harmful effect of chemicals & preserve a safe and green Mother earth.
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