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Solid Waste Treatment India


Maple orgtech ltd is one of the leading service providers in India for various solid waste treatment solutions. Solid waste is an important factor that widely creates various effects on workers and rag pickers; hence disposal of wastes in a proper manner avoids these effects and also helps in maintaining a healthy environment.  

Solid waste treatment product-Maple EM 1 Environ, this product offered by us is highly effective and used for de odorizing municipal solid waste and converting Biodegradables into useful/safe disposable waste which can be used as compost. To avoid improper treatment and dumping of organic wastes proper solid waste treatment solutions are required, here we are to serve you on this and thus creating a greater impact.

Through our solid waste treatment process the solid waste is decomposed properly without any foul odor or any other menaces. Organic waste can also be processed efficiently and hence can be converted into useful compost. EM technology is applied in manufacturing the treatment products, the microorganisms present in this solid waste treatment product produces anti oxidants that can penetrate into the huge heaps of heat and thus allowing them to get decomposed at extreme temperature.  
Features of our Solid Waste Treatment:

    • Application of EM technology helps in handling the organic waste properly.
    • Reduces pathogen microorganisms.
    • Creates no effect to human health.
    • Provides a healthy environment to the workers.
Solid Waste Treatment India, Municipal Solid Waste Treatment India
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