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Waste Water Management

“The pollution load on major water bodies has increased over the years due to industrialization and urbanization. Use of water for irrigation, drinking, power and other purposes compound the challenge.”



In most developing economies today, the very factors responsible for economic growth, have also unfortunately, been the root cause of environmental degradation. Mass scale industrialization, the intensification of agriculture, rapid population growth, urbanization and rising energy use has taken a grave tool on our ecosystems. There is, therefore a dire need for effective environmental management. Foremost among the many technologies and strategies that have been developed to address this crisis, is Maple EM.1 Effluclean.

Industrial waste water treatment (ETP)
Municipality waste water treatment (STP),
House hold Sanitation
Waste water bodies (lakes and ponds)

Benefits of “Maple EM.1 Effluclean”:

EM Technology is the most powerful tool to carry out effective Environmental Management and has become the natural choice for carrying out waste treatment.

It reduces the BOD, COD, etc. of the effluent / lake, pond water.
Maple EM.1 suppresses the foul odour from the waste water.
Improves response to shock load and cold weather operations during winter.
EM technology will immediately begin feeding on the organic matter and multiplying creating inthe process, enzymes (bio) that curb pollution.
EM technology increase dissolved oxygen levels, create a larger zone of habitation for microscopic animal communities. In addition with this technology n can also slow the tapping of phosphorus from bottom sediments.
Introducing EM technology in waste/polluted water decrease the algal growth and algal
EM technology cuts off sediment nutrients as a potential source of nutrients through the
application of bokashi ball.
EM technology is the term used for a restoration technique that shows some promise. In this
technique attempts are made to successful; reduce the total pollution load from the water body.
Reduction of Foul odor, no odor in treated water.
Suppression of Total Coli& E Coli.
Neutralization of Waste water.
Reduction of chemicals such as alum, lime, chlorine etc.
Reduction in power consumption in ETP & STP.
Reduction in sludge volume& no further treatment is required for sludge obtained.
It helps reduce pollution caused by crude oil.
Improves recovery from nitrification.
It can be applied to any septic tanks.
Brings about bio-augmentation
No structural changes are required for implementing the technology. It can be easily applied
into an existing ETP/STP and is equally effective for any other size of operations be it rivers,
dams, lakes, hotels or private homes.
Eco friendly; make environment healthy& fresh- No need to use toxic chemicals for sanitation.
Reduction in Sewage effluent parameters as per as PCB norms.
Make the effluent disposable/reuse.
Remove foul odor from effluent completely.
Reduce running cost of STP.
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